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Flying at Kingston - Ulster Airport (20N)

Advantages only Summit Aviation NY can offer!

Sumit Aviation NY provides a variety of programs at competitive prices, including classes that are often hard to find and expensive, such as Commercial Multi-Engine classes. You can work at your own pace with either standard or accelerated courses and achieve your flying goals more quickly. A personal Flight Instructor will be assigned to you for your course(s), which can be taken in our rental aircraft or your own aircraft.

Flying Over NYC - Summit Aviation NY
FAA Medical Exam

To obtain a medical certificate you must be examined by an FAA-designated Aviation Medical Examiner (AME).


Flight Instructor
Receive personalized flight instruction from experienced and certified flight instructors. Tailored to meet your individual learning needs and goals, whether you’re a beginner or looking to refine your skills.


/ Hour
One Hour Discovery Flight

A perfect introduction to flying for beginners. Enjoy a one-hour flight where you can take the controls under the guidance of a certified instructor. Option to bring guests for an additional fee.


Cessna 150 - Rental [Special Time Building Rates Available]

Rent the classic Cessna 150, a great aircraft for flight training and short trips. Includes fuel cost.


/ Hour (including fuel)

*Special Time Building Aircraft Rental Rates available for Cessna 150. See below for more details.

Cessna 172 - Rental

Experience flying the popular Cessna 172, known for its reliability and comfort. Ideal for longer training sessions or journeys. Fuel included.


/ Hour (including fuel)
Private Pilot Course

Comprehensive training program designed to help you achieve your Private Pilot License. Covers all necessary ground and flight training over 50 hours.


Instrument Rating

Enhance your piloting skills with an Instrument Rating, allowing you to fly under a wider range of weather conditions. Includes 45 hours of specialized training.


High Performance / Complex Aircraft Endorsements

Gain the skills and certification needed to fly high-performance and complex aircraft.

10 Hours Required for Commercial Pilot.


Commercial Pilot - Single Engine

Aimed at those looking to pursue a career in aviation, this course provides the skills and knowledge required for a Commercial Pilot License.


Commercial Pilot - Multi-Engine Add On

Advanced training for flying multi-engine aircraft, focusing on the complexities and skills required for larger, more powerful planes.


Certified Flight Instructor Course

Prepare to teach aspiring pilots with this course, focusing on instructional techniques and flight training methodologies.


Certified Flight Instrument Instructor Course

Specialized training for instructors to teach instrument flying. Enhances your teaching capabilities and marketability.


The rates quoted herein are based on the minimum requirements set forth by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). These rates are reflective of the standard hourly charges for the specified training services outlined and based on fuel prices as of 12/6/2023, which are subject to change. It is important to note that additional training needs or customization beyond the FAA minimum requirements may necessitate adjustments to the quoted rates.

‌Our company is committed to ensuring the highest quality of training tailored to meet individual needs. We understand that each client may have unique requirements that go beyond the FAA minimum standards. Therefore, we are more than willing to maintain the same hourly rate for any additional training hours that may be required.

‌HERO Program – Summit Aviation NY, Inc. proudly supports our first responders & veterans. To express our gratitude for the invaluable services they provide to our community, we offer special pricing on our aviation services.

‌First responders & veterans interested in availing of our special pricing are encouraged to inquire within. For detailed information on the exclusive rates and services available, please contact our dedicated team.