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Why Summit Aviation is Your Ideal Choice

At Summit Aviation Flight School, we pride ourselves on turning ambitious pilots into versatile aviators ready to conquer the skies in twin-engine aircraft. Our Commercial Multi-Engine Add-On is more than a certification; it’s a leap towards greater opportunities, crafted for those who dream of flying higher, faster, and with more complexity.

Understanding the Prerequisites: Commercial Pilot Certificate

Before taking to the skies with a Commercial Multi-Engine Add-On, it’s crucial to have your Commercial Pilot Certificate in hand. Summit Aviation’s comprehensive program prepares you for this significant step, requiring a minimum of 250 total flight hours. This includes 100 hours as pilot-in-command and 50 hours of cross-country flight time, among other specific requirements tailored to ensure your proficiency in various flying conditions and aircraft types.

Why do you need this certificate? It’s simple: to be compensated for flying in any capacity. This foundational certification focuses on refining your airmanship skills, transitioning from instrument training back to the core of flying. Whether you aspire to transport skydivers in a Cessna 182 or deliver cargo in a King Air C90, your journey begins with the Commercial Pilot Certificate.

Since a 2018 FAA rule update, training has become more relevant and accessible. You can now train in technically advanced aircraft (TAA), reflecting the modern cockpit environment you’ll operate in as a professional. This change not only enhances the learning experience but also prepares you for the realities of commercial flying.

For detailed prerequisites and to start your journey towards becoming a commercial pilot, click here to learn more about Summit Aviation’s Commercial Pilot program.

The Path to Professional Flying

With your Commercial Pilot Certificate, a world of opportunities unfolds. This certification is your gateway to becoming a flight instructor, corporate pilot, agricultural pilot, and more. It is also a step towards more specialized roles, such as an airline or charter pilot, which may require additional certifications and flight time.

Understanding the requirements and the diverse career paths available can help you plan your aviation journey more effectively. At Summit Aviation, we’re committed to guiding you through each step, ensuring you not only meet the FAA standards but also excel in your chosen aviation career path.

Your Blueprint to Twin-Engine Proficiency

Embark on your twin-engine journey with a prerequisite Commercial Pilot Single Engine Certificate. With a clear cost of $4,750 for our comprehensive training program, Summit Aviation offers both standard and accelerated paths tailored to your pace. The program culminates in a checkride, priced at $800, without the need for a written exam. Additionally, our Online Grad School, available for $99, supplements your learning experience with advanced insights.

Discover the Power of Two Engines with Summit

Transitioning to twin-engine flight with Summit Aviation means embracing complexity with confidence. Our curriculum focuses on both VFR and IFR operations, introducing you to advanced aircraft systems like retractable gear and constant speed props. Our hands-on approach ensures you become proficient in making critical flight decisions, mastering the flow of operations, and navigating the skies with an expert touch.

A Tailored Approach to Learning

At Summit Aviation, we understand that every pilot’s journey is unique. That’s why we offer both standard and accelerated programs to fit your schedule and learning pace. With no minimum time requirement, our goal is to ensure you achieve proficiency through personalized ground and flight training. This flexibility ensures that you can focus on mastering the complexities of twin-engine flight without the pressure of rushing through the process.

Embrace the Challenge, Become a Pro

The transition from single-engine to multi-engine aircraft is a transformative experience. It’s about learning to juggle additional systems and making crucial decisions with confidence. Our program is designed to make you feel like a beginner again, only to transform you into a proficient multi-engine pilot. This journey, while challenging, is incredibly rewarding and prepares you for advanced flying adventures.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can I be ready for the Checkride with Summit Aviation?

At Summit, most of our students are ready for their checkride within 10-15 hours of dedicated training, reflecting our personalized approach to instruction.

Do I need to pass a written exam for the Multi-Engine Add-On at Summit?

No written exam is required. Our focus is on real-world flying skills and preparing you for the practical test (checkride) with confidence.

What do I need to start my Multi-Engine Add-On with Summit Aviation?

A Commercial Pilot Single Engine Certificate is required to begin. This ensures you have the solid foundation needed for advanced multi-engine training.

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